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Nominal Guns20BWAS-1714
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down30.10.1739BWAS-1714
First Commissioned15.7.1740BWAS-1714
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1714
ShipyardKingston upon Hull - Yorkshire - The Humber BWAS-1714
Ship Class1733 Establishment 20-Gunner (1733)BWAS-1714
Designed by
The SurveyorsBritish
Ship Builder
Service 1739-1741
Hugh BlaydesBritish
Ship Builder
Service 1686
CategorySixth RateBWAS-1714
Ship TypeShipBWAS-1714
Sailing RigShip RiggedBWAS-1714
Broken Up5.1779BWAS-1714


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck106' 0"Imperial Feet32.3088 
Length of Keel87' 3"Imperial Feet26.5285 
Breadth30' 8"Imperial Feet9.3472 
Depth in Hold9' 5"Imperial Feet2.8702 
Burthen442 2194Tons BM 


14.8.1740Broadside Weight = 90 Imperial Pound ( 40.815 kg)BWAS-1714
Upper Gun Deck20 British 9-Pounder

1746Broadside Weight = 102 Imperial Pound ( 46.257 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck2 British 9-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck20 British 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck2 British 3-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1733140Design Complement

16 Ship Commanders

15.7.1740 - 31.10.1742Captain
Bradwarden ThompsonBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1728-1742
ADM 6/16/310
1.11.1742 - 10.5.1744Captain
John WickhamBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1719-1759
Transfered ADM 6/16/114
11.5.1744 - 28.12.1744Captain
Henry StewartBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1731-1744
ADM 6/16/307
ADM 6/16
29.12.1744 - 23.8.1747Captain
John AmherstBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1730-1778
Transfered ADM 6/16/413
24.8.1745 - 25.3.1746Captain
Thomas BuryBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1712-1747
ADM 6/16/532
ADM 6/16
26.3.1746 - 21.1.1746/47Captain
Edward FalkinghamBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1726-1770
ADM 6/17/78
24.3.1748/49 - 9.12.1752Captain ADM 6/17/451BWAS-171426.3.1754 - 2.2.1757Captain
John RousBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1745-1747
Transfered ADM 6/18/93
3.2.1757 - 11.12.1759Captain
Paul Henry OurryBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1742-1773
Transfered ADM 6/18/352
11.12.1759 - 19.5.1761Captain
George WatsonBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1745-1773
Transfered ADM 6/19/118
19.5.1761 - 5.8.1761Captain
Robert KeelerBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1749-1790
Transfered ADM 6/19/316
12.3.1762 - 31.7.1761Captain
James RandellBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1715-1763
ADM 6/19/392
ADM 6/19
7.4.1762 - 18.2.1764Captain
John BotterellBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1731-1771
ADM 6/19/396
26.5.1768 - 10.1.1771Captain
John MilliganBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1746-1783
ADM 6/20/203
ADM 6/20
10.1.1771 - 15.10.1773Captain
William HamiltonBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1744-1773
ADM 6/20/333
ADM 6/20
15.10.1773 - 26.8.1775Captain
Skeffington LutwidgeBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1759-1810
Transfered ADM 6/20/522
ADM 6/20

2 Commissioned Officers

15.12.1744 - 26.8.1745Lieutenant
Bellen TattonBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1742-1762
Transfered ADM 6/16/403
ADM 6/16
24.3.1748/49 - 9.12.1752Lieutenant
James GrantBritish
Naval Sailor
Service 1735-1752
ADM 6/17/451
ADM 6/17

Service History

14.8.1740building at Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire - The Humber at a cost of £4838.3.3dBWAS-1714
1742In New EnglandBWAS-1714
1743Off LisbonBWAS-1714
6.1744Off DunkirkBWAS-1714
1.1746Began small repair at Sheerness Dockyard - Sheerness BWAS-1714
5.1746Completed small repair at Sheerness Dockyard - Sheerness at a cost of £1311.13.9dBWAS-1714
21.1.1747Paid offADM 51
3.1747/48Began middling repair at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford BWAS-1714
4.1749Completed middling repair at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford at a cost of £2290.9.9dBWAS-1714
4.1749Began fitting at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford BWAS-1714
5.1749Completed fitting at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford at a cost of £3496.12.8dBWAS-1714
6.1749Sailed for New EnglandBWAS-1714
1752Returned home and paid off?BWAS-1714
9.12.1752Paid off at Woolwich Dockyard ADM 6/18
8.1753Began great repair at Woolwich Dockyard - Woolwich BWAS-1714
5.1754Completed great repair at Woolwich Dockyard - Woolwich at a cost of £7012.7.4dBWAS-1714
22.5.1755British attack on Fort Beauséjour

Seized several French fishing vessels and destroyed shore facilities at and near Codroy, Newfoundland.

1757At HalifaxBWAS-1714
8.1757Louisbourg Expedition
1.1758Began refitting at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford BWAS-1714
3.1758Completed refitting at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford at a cost of £2788.18.11dBWAS-1714
6.1758Operations against St Malo, Cherbourg and St CasBWAS-1714
5.6.1758Raid on Saint-Malo
20.1.1759Sailed with a convoy to South CarolinaBWAS-1714
10.3.1761Sailed for South CarolinaBWAS-1714
8.1761Began middling repair at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford BWAS-1714
5.1762Completed middling repair at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford at a cost of £5241.17.7dBWAS-1714
25.6.1762Sailed for South CarolinaBWAS-1714

Paid off

1.4.1779Ordered to be broken upBWAS-1714
5.1779Broken up at SheernessBWAS-1714


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Posted by Tony Perry on Saturday 27th of October 2018 16:39

Is this the same Success, led by Captain Thompson, who took General James Oglethorpe, founder of the Colony of Georgia, back to London in 1743? The journey I'm trying to find left the United States (likely Georgia) on 23 July 1743 and arrived in London on 25 September.

My source (listed below) describes the Success I'm looking for as a "guard-ship", with Thompson as the Captain and included a Colonel Heron and a subengineer named Mr Eyre.

Is it possible that this Capt Thompson led this particular voyage, or that there's another Captain Thompson on another boat called Success in 1743? (I searched and viewed the other records for Success, but none seemed to match as closely as this one).

It's important to me to learn more, as one of the passengers on this journey was a chief in the Chickasaw Nation, a Native American tribe (I am a citizen of this tribe, and am trying to help my tribe find this Chief).

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide!

Best regards,

Tony Perry

Source: "Biographical Records of James Oglethorpe" by Thaddeus Mason Harris, 1841, p273. Obtained on Google Books.

Posted by Brian Stephens on Tuesday 29th of April 2014 22:04

The Gentleman's magazine. v. 11 (1741).
Letter from Boston, in New England, dated Nov. 3.
Capt. Thompson in his Majesty's ship Success, on the 23d of October last, about 80 leagues to the eastward of Cape Anne, met a sloop from Belfast in Ireland, bound to Philadelphia, with 108 passengers, but having been out 17 weeks, about 30 died for want, among whom were the master, and all the sailors but one, so that they could neither manage the sails or steer the vessel. They had eat up all their tallow, candles, etc. and for several weeks had fed upon the bodies of those that died; and the people from the Success found the body of a man partly cut up, and his arm and shoulder then boiling in a pot of salt water and so eager were the poor famished people for the flesh of their dead companions, that many of them had concealed pieces of it in their pockets to eat as they had opportunity. Capt. Thompson behaved toward them with the utmost humanity and compassion, he put on board hands to navigate the vessel and gave them beef, bread, water, wine and many other necessities, at the same time directing them to steer for this Port. The arrived Nov. 1 but reduced to 62 and several to week, tis feared they will not recouver.

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