Venus -> 1807 Heroine

Nominal Guns36BWAS-1714
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
Keel Laid Down16.8.1756BWAS-1714
First Commissioned31.3.1758BWAS-1714
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1714
ShipyardLiverpool - Lancashire BWAS-1714
Ship ClassVenus ClassBWAS-1714
Designed bySir Thomas Slade (1703-1771)BWAS-1714
Constructor John OkillBWAS-1714
CategoryFifth RateBWAS-1714
Ship TypeFrigate BWAS-1714
Sailing RigShip RiggedBWAS-1714


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck128' 4 ½"Imperial Feet39.0271 
Length of Keel106' 3"Imperial Feet32.3215 
Breadth35' 9"Imperial Feet10.7137 
Depth in Hold12' 4"Imperial Feet3.7084 
Draught Forward8' 8"Imperial Feet2.6416 
Draught Aft13' 1"Imperial Feet3.9709 
Burthen722 2994Tons BM 


11.3.1758Broadside Weight = 189 Imperial Pound ( 85.7118 kg)BWAS-1714
Upper Gun Deck26 British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck8 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle2 British 6-Pounder
Quarterdeck/Forecastle12 British 1/2-Pound Swivel

1793Broadside Weight = 222 Imperial Pound ( 100.677 kg)BWAS-1714
Upper Gun Deck24 British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck4 British 18-Pound Carronade
Quarterdeck6 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle2 British 18-Pound Carronade
Forecastle2 British 6-Pounder

1809Broadside Weight = 282 Imperial Pound ( 127.887 kg)BWAS-1714
Upper Gun Deck22 British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck10 British 24-Pound Carronade
Forecastle2 British 24-Pound Carronade
Forecastle2 British 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
13.7.1756240Design Complement

19 Ship Commanders

31.3.1758 - 30.3.1763Captain Thomas Harrison (1725-1768) ADM 6/18/498BWAS-171419.5.1763 - 16.5.1765Captain John Weller (c.1717-1772) ADM 6/19/500ADM 6/1924.6.1768 - 28.10.1768CaptainThe Hon. Samuel Barrington (1729-1800) ADM 6/20/207BWAS-171428.10.1768 - 10.3.1769CaptainLord Henry Frederick Hanover (1st Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn) (1745-1790) ADM 6/20/219ODNB14.3.1769 - 19.6.1770CaptainThe Hon. Samuel Barrington (1729-1800) ADM 6/20/231ADM 6/2012.10.1770 - 14.2.1772Captain George Balfour (c.1720-1794) Transfered ADM 6/20/299BWAS-171425.6.1773 - 26.6.1773Captain John Ford (c.1738-1796) Transfered ADM 6/20/500ADM 6/2010.3.1777 - 18.9.1778Captain William Peere Williams (1740/41-1832) Transfered ADM 6/21/263BWAS-171418.9.1778 - 17.4.1780Captain James Ferguson (1723-1793) Transfered ADM 6/22/149
Issued by Lord Richard Howe (4th Viscount Howe) (1725/26-1799), North America
Confirmed 7.7.1780
18.4.1780 - 31.5.1781Captain John Leigh Douglas (1741-1810) ADM 6/22/354ADM 6/2228.3.1783 - 3.6.1786Captain Charles Hudson (c.1733-1803) ADM 6/23/41BWAS-171421.9.1790 - 26.1.1793Captain William Lechmere ADM 6/24/68ADM 6/2426.1.1793 - 9.4.1794Captain Jonathon Faulknor (d.1809): on board from 30.1.1793 Transfered ADM 6/24/198BWAS-17149.4.1794 - 18.10.1794Captain William Brown ADM 6/25/28BWAS-171418.10.1794 - 2.1795Captain Charles Stirling (1760-1833) ADM 6/25/97BWAS-17142.1795 - 12.1795Captain Lawrence William HalsteadBWAS-171412.1795 - 1801CaptainSir Thomas GravesBWAS-17147.1803 - 7.1807Captain Henry MatsonBWAS-17143.1809 - 11.1809Captain Hood Hanway ChristianBWAS-1714

8 Commissioned Officers

20.3.1758 - 30.3.1763First Lieutenant Thomas Dumaresq (1729-1802) ADM 6/18/495ref:84926.4.1758 - 19.5.1761Second Lieutenant William Abdy (1732-1803) ADM 6/18/505ADM 10629.3.1783 - 1.9.1784First Lieutenant John Hay ADM 6/23/41ADM 6/231.9.1784 - 9.4.1785First Lieutenant Michael Ogilvie (d.1808) ADM 6/23/241ADM 6/231794First Lieutenant George Tilson (d.1795)ref:9241794Second Lieutenant Thomas Innes (d.1831)ref:9241794Third Lieutenant John Warrenref:92429.5.1795 - 2.2.1796Lieutenant Edward Pelham Brenton (1774-1839)ref:616

9 Warrant Officers

9.4.1783 - 3.6.1786Master William ThurmanADM 29-11794Unknown Henry Osborne (d.1858)ADM 171/81794Surgeon John Buchanref:9241794Purser Richard Bromleyref:9241794Gunner John Knowlesref:9241794Carpenter Samuel Battarsref:9241794Boatswain John Williamsref:9241794Master William Banksref:9247.8.1799 - 31.5.1802Master John W TrotterADM 29-1

5 Crewmen

1769 - 1770Unknown Roger Curtis (1746-1816)ref:6161794Able Seaman George GibbonsADM 171/81794Able Seaman Joseph CenturADM 171/81794Ordinary Seaman Gabriel GrayADM 171/85.2.1804 - 1.18061st Class Volunteer George Butler (1791-?)NBD1849

2 Marines

1794Lieutenant of Marines John Loddingtonref:9241794Drummer William OatesADM 171/8

Service History

11.3.1758building at Liverpool - Lancashire at a cost of £6645.3.8dBWAS-1714
30.6.1758fitting at Liverpool - Lancashire BWAS-1714
18.5.1759Took the Frigate Aréthuse (32)
20.11.1759Battle of Quiberon Bay
30.1.1761Took the Frigate La Brune (30) in the Soundings
3.4.1761Took the East Indiaman Le Bertin (64) off Cadiz
7.3.1762Took the Privateer Aimable Josepha (14)
1.5.1762Took the Privateer Le Miquilet (14) off the Lizard and sent into Plymouth .BG
4.6.1762Took the Privateer Nuestra Señora de Bignonia (16)
15.9.1762Took the Privateer Cannibul (8)
18.9.1762Took the Privateer Le Duc de Penthièvre (14) 130 leagues to the Westward of Ushant.BG
15.10.1762Took the Schooner Le Crozon (6) BG

Paid off

3.5.1763Surveyed, no repairsBWAS-1714
15.10.1763Sailed for the West IndiesBWAS-1714

Paid off

6.1765Began great repair at Woolwich Dockyard - Woolwich BWAS-1714
2.1767Completed great repair at Woolwich Dockyard - Woolwich at a cost of £7997.6.9dBWAS-1714
7.1768fitting at Woolwich Dockyard - Woolwich at a cost of £4834.4.0dBWAS-1714
1769In the ChannelBWAS-1714

Paid off


Paid off

9.1776Began large repair at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth BWAS-1714
7.1777Completed large repair at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth at a cost of £13002.0.1dBWAS-1714
24.8.1777Sailed for North AmericaBWAS-1714
11.8.1778Howe's encounter with d'Estaing
4.11.1778Sailed for the West IndiesBWAS-1714
14.12.1778Battle of St. Lucia
1779In the Leeward IslandsBWAS-1714
6.3.1779Took the Sloop Governor Trumbull (16)
1780In the Leeward IslandsBWAS-1714
17.4.1780Battle of Martinique
15.5.1780Action of March 15 1780
19.5.1780Action of March 19 1780

Paid off

12.7.1781Took the Sloop Royal Louis (16)
8.1782Began middling repair at Sheerness Dockyard - Sheerness BWAS-1714
7.1783Completed middling repair at Sheerness Dockyard - Sheerness at a cost of £9434.0.0dBWAS-1714

Paid off

2.1791Began large repair at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford BWAS-1714
3.1792Completed large repair at Deptford Dockyard - Deptford at a cost of £18520.0.0dBWAS-1714
22.7.1792Refitted as a 32 gun Fifth Rate Frigate
1.1793Began fitting at Deptford - London BWAS-1714
3.1793Completed fitting at Deptford - London at a cost of £1506.0.0dBWAS-1714
24.5.1793Took the Privateer Le Sans Culottes (16)
27.5.1793Venus vs Semillante
1.6.1794Glorious 1st of June
14.4.1796Sailed for NewfoundlandBWAS-1714
20.4.1797Sailed for NewfoundlandBWAS-1714
3.1798Sailed for NewfoundlandBWAS-1714

Arrived at Plymouth escorting the damaged merchant Mariner, Chivers.


Sailed from Plymouth

26.3.1799Sailed for NewfoundlandBWAS-1714
7.1800Sailed for JamaicaBWAS-1714
21.6.1803Capture of St. Lucia and Tobago
10.7.1805Took the Brig L'Hirondelle (16) off the coast of IrelandBG
16.1.1807Took the Brig La Déterminée (12) BG
20.2.1807Took the Schooner L'Étoile (6) about 8 leagues East of BarbadoesBG
7.1807Paid off into ordinary at WoolwichBWAS-1714
14.7.1807Renamed HeroineBWAS-1714
3.1809Began fitting at Woolwich Dockyard - Woolwich BWAS-1714
5.1809Completed fitting at Woolwich Dockyard - Woolwich BWAS-1714
28.7.1809Walcheren Expedition
11.1809Paid off and laid up at SheernessBWAS-1714
1817Refitted as a Unrated Receiving Ship
12.1823Began fitting at Sheerness Dockyard - Sheerness BWAS-1714
6.1824Completed fitting at Sheerness Dockyard - Sheerness BWAS-1714
22.9.1828Sold to John Small Sedger at Deptofrod for £1,710BWAS-1714


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Posted by Brian on Saturday 17th of May 2014 19:05

The Gentleman's magazine. v. 32 (1762).
Capt. Harrison of the Venus frigate, brought into Plymouth, the Boulogne from the Isle of France, laden with coffee and pepper, M. de St. Romaine, commander. She was taken after an hours engagement, in which time she had 7 men killed and 20 wounded. She had been about 3 months from the Isle of France and left M. de Apobe's squadron there.

Posted by Tim Oakley on Thursday 2nd of August 2012 12:26

17 June 1793 under repair at Falmouth due to damage from the action May 27 1793

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