Nominal Guns80B028
NationalityGreat Britain
OperatorRoyal Navy
PreviouslyBritish Third Rate ship of the line 'Dorsetshire' (1694) (80)
Keel Laid Down24.11.1706B028
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1603
ShipyardNortham - Devon BWAS-1603
Ship Class1691 Program - 80 gun 2-DeckersB028
Designed byJohn TippettsBWAS-1603
ConstructorRichard StaceyBWAS-1603
CategoryThird RateB028
Ship TypeShip of the Line B028
Sailing RigShip RiggedB028
Broken Up5.12.1749B028


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1603
Length of Gundeck156' 0"Imperial Feet47.5488 
Length of Keel127' 6"Imperial Feet38.7152 
Breadth43' 6"Imperial Feet13.1572 
Depth in Hold17' 8"Imperial Feet5.2106 
Burthen1,283 2894Tons BM 


20.9.1712Broadside Weight = 552 Imperial Pound ( 250.332 kg)BWAS-1603
Lower Gun Deck26 British 24-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck26 British 12-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck22 British 6-Pounder
Quarterdeck6 British 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource
1706520Design Complement

9 Commanding Officers

24.1.1717/18 - 17.4.1718CaptainJoseph Winder (c.1661-1737/38) ADM 6/12/112ADM 6/1218.4.1718 - 6.3.1718/19Second CaptainJohn Furzer (d.1721) ADM 6/12/125BWAS-16037.3.1718/19 - 7.5.1719CaptainSir Francis Hosier (d.1727) ADM 6/12/156ADM 6/1215.1.1719/20 - 21.11.1721Second CaptainRichard Thomas Girlington (d.1743) ADM 6/12/189BWAS-160322.2.1733/34 - 13.5.1734CaptainSt John Charlton (d.1742) ADM 6/14/166ADM 6/1421.5.1734 - 16.2.1735/36CaptainJohn Hemmington (d.1757) ADM 6/15/188BWAS-160329.12.1742 - 27.1.1742/43CaptainJohn Hildesley (d.1771) ADM 6/16/129ADM 6/1628.1.1742/43 - 12.4.1745CaptainGeorge Burrish (d.1770) ADM 6/16/140BWAS-160312.4.1745 - 1.9.1746CaptainEdmund Toll (1705-1767) ADM 6/16/463BWAS-1603

3 Flag Officers

28.3.1718 - 1719Rear-Admiral of the BlueGeorge Delavall (c.1667-1723) ADM 107/3/19BWAS-16038.5.1719 - 1721Rear-Admiral of the BlueEdward Hopson (1671-1728) ADM 107/3/206BWAS-16032.1745 - 1.9.1746Rear-Admiral of the RedIsaac Townsend (1684-1765)BWAS-1603

34 Commissioned Officers

24.1.1717/18 - 6.3.1718/19First LieutenantWilliam Miller (d.1749) ADM 6/12/112ADM 6/1224.1.1717/18 - 2.3.1717/18Second LieutenantRobert Booth (d.1740) ADM 6/12/112ADM 6/1224.1.1717/18 - 6.3.1718/19Third LieutenantGeorge Sclater (d.1750) ADM 6/12/112ADM 6/123.3.1717/18 - 21.5.1718Second LieutenantIsaac Townsend (1684-1765)ODNB26.5.1718 - 6.3.1718/19Second LieutenantJohn Trevor (d.1741) ADM 6/12/135ADM 6/1224.10.1718 - 6.3.1718/19Third LieutenantRalph Archbold ADM 6/12/229
Commission confirmed 8.1.1720/21
ADM 6/12
7.3.1718/19 - 21.11.1721First LieutenantJohn Trevor (d.1741) ADM 6/12/157ADM 6/127.3.1718/19 - 29.6.1719Second LieutenantIsaac Townsend (1684-1765) ADM 6/12/157ADM 6/127.3.1718/19 - 11.4.1719Third LieutenantEdward Reddish (d.1736) ADM 6/12/157ADM 6/127.3.1718/19 - 8.2.1719/20Fourth LieutenantHenry Medley (d.1747) ADM 6/12/157ADM 6/127.3.1718/19 - 21.11.1721Fifth LieutenantGeorge Sclater (d.1750) ADM 6/12/157ADM 6/1212.4.1719 - 21.11.1721Third LieutenantRobert Young (d.1754) ADM 6/12/186
Commission confirmed 30.12.1719
ADM 6/12
4.4.1720 - 21.11.1721Fourth LieutenantMiles Stapleton (d.1750) ADM 6/12/201ADM 6/1223.2.1733/34 - 16.2.1735/36First LieutenantSidney Cole (c.1679-1744) ADM 6/14/168ADM 6/1423.2.1733/34 - 29.9.1735Second LieutenantEdward Guy (d.1741) ADM 6/14/168ADM 6/1412.3.1733/34 - 23.5.1734Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsGeorge Rosbee (d.c.1742) ADM 6/14/175ADM 6/1424.5.1734 - 29.9.1735Third LieutenantWilliam Carter (d.c.1741) ADM 6/14/188ADM 6/1430.9.1735 - 16.2.1735/36Second LieutenantWilliam Carter (d.c.1741) ADM 6/15/223ADM 6/1430.9.1735 - 16.2.1735/36Third LieutenantLachlan Leslie (d.1762) ADM 6/15/223ADM 6/1429.12.1742 - 27.1.1742/43Third LieutenantRobert Hay (c.1710-1747) ADM 6/16/129ADM 6/1629.12.1742 - 27.1.1742/43Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsJohn Bray (d.bef.1752) ADM 6/16/129ADM 6/1628.1.1742/43 - 11.5.1745Third LieutenantWilliam Griffiths (c.1709-?) ADM 6/16/141ADM 6/1612.5.1745 - 6.7.1745Third LieutenantGeorge Gentil (1724-1770) ADM 6/17/105
Issued by William Rowley (1690-1768), The Mediterranean Sea
Commission confirmed 16.5.1746
ADM 6/17
25.5.1745 - 9.9.1745Second LieutenantRowland Pritchett ADM 6/17/434
Issued by William Rowley (1690-1768), The Mediterranean Sea
Commission confirmed 27.1.1748/49
ADM 6/17
7.7.1745 - 9.9.1745Third LieutenantSamuel Dundee (c.1701-c.1750) ADM 6/17/488
Issued by William Rowley (1690-1768), The Mediterranean Sea
Commission confirmed 17.8.1749
ADM 6/17
9.9.1745 - 6.12.1745First LieutenantThomas Fincher (c.1717-1749) ADM 6/17/186
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 3.1.1746/47
ADM 6/17
9.9.1745 - 6.12.1745Second LieutenantWilliam Harman (c.1719-1766) ADM 6/17/202
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 19.2.1746/47
ADM 6/17
9.9.1745 - 26.1.1745/46Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsSamuel Dundee (c.1701-c.1750) ADM 6/17/488
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 17.8.1749
ADM 6/17
6.12.1745 - 25.1.1745/46First LieutenantWilliam Harman (c.1719-1766) ADM 6/17/202
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 19.2.1746/47
ADM 6/17
25.1.1745/46 - 1.9.1746First LieutenantThomas Hanbury (1722-1788) ADM 6/17/173
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 17.11.1746
ADM 6/17
11.4.1746 - 1.9.1746Second LieutenantJohn Fortescue (c.1722-1808) ADM 6/17/159
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 3.10.1746
ADM 6/17
11.4.1746 - 27.5.1747Third LieutenantJames Cooper (d.1753) ADM 6/17/150
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 6.9.1746
ADM 6/17
11.4.1746 - 14.4.1746Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsGriffith Collins (d.1751) ADM 6/17/172
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), Barbados - Windward Islands - Barbados & the Leeward Islands
Commission confirmed 11.11.1746
ADM 6/17
14.4.1746 - 1.9.1746Fourth Lt. & Lt. at ArmsFrancis Saunders ADM 6/17/258
Issued by Isaac Townsend (1684-1765), North America
Commission confirmed 15.8.1747
ADM 6/17

1 Petty Officer

5.4.1720 - 15.4.1723MidshipmanRobert Baynes ADM 107/3/128ADM107/3

Service History

1718Completed at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth at a cost of £15760.13.8dBWAS-1603
11.8.1718Battle of Cape Passaro
1719Fitted as a flagship for the BalticBWAS-1603
1720In the BalticBWAS-1603
1721In the BalticBWAS-1603

Paid off

ADM 51
1722Began great repair at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth BWAS-1603
1724Completed great repair at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth at a cost of £15943.10.0dBWAS-1603

Paid off

1741Began small repair at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth BWAS-1603
1743Completed small repair at Portsmouth Dockyard - Portsmouth at a cost of £10213.3.3dBWAS-1603
1744In the MediterraneanBWAS-1603
11.2.1744Battle of Toulon
1745In the MediterraneanBWAS-1603
9.1745Sailed to the Leeward IslandsBWAS-1603
1746Off Cape BretonBWAS-1603
1.9.1746Paid offADM 51
16.1.1747/48An investigation was ordered into the feasability of being reduced to a 66-gun ship. Presumably she wasn't suitableBWAS-1603
5.9.1749Ordered to be broken up for £545.3.2 1/4dBWAS-1603


DatesFleetFleet CommanderSource
6.1719-11.1719British Baltic Fleet 1719Sir John Norris (1670-1749) 
13.4.1721-20.10.1721British Baltic Fleet 1721Sir John Norris (1670-1749) 

Notes on Ship

Court Martial


"The Trials at large, taken at the Court-Martial, held on Henry Page, Charles Davids, William Griffiths, and Cornelius Smelt, Lieutenants on board the Dorsetshire, commanded by Capt. George Burrish. Also upon Capt. George Burrish, on Board the London, from the 24th of September, to the 9th of October, 1745. Being an enquiry into the Conduct of the said gentlemen in the late Engagement in the Mediterranean on the 11th of February 1743 [Battle of Toulon, the date is OS], under the Command of Admiral Mathews."


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Posted by Albert Parker on Tuesday 23rd of July 2019 04:12

1746: Dorsetshire was among the ships that Vice-Admiral Isaac Townsend was supposed to take to Louisbourg for the summer, but she does not appear in detailed accounts of the 1746 campaign there such as W.A.B. Douglas, "“Nova Scotia and the Royal Navy, 1713–1766,” Ph.D. dissertation, Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario), 1973, pp. 113-33 or H.L. Richmond, "The Navy in the War of 1739-48," vol. III, pp. 20–50. In vol. II, p. 230, Richmond says that Dorsetshire was one of the ships that sailed for Louisbourg from Antigua on Jan. 31, 1746. However, the squadron encountered a storm; 2 ships bore away for England, the rest returned to Antigua. Townsend later arrived at Louisbourg with 3 ships only, not including Dorsetshire. Richmond, ibid., says that the rest of Townsend's ships "returned to England with the trade [i.e., a convoy of merchantmen]." Admiralty records kept in London and used by Winfield might reflect Dorsetshire's *assignment to* or *orders for* Louisbourg with the rest of the Leeward Islands squadron.

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