Triumph -> 1714 Prince

Nominal Guns90BWAS-1714
NationalityKingdom of England
OperatorRoyal Navy
How acquiredPurpose builtBWAS-1714
ShipyardChatham Dockyard - Chatham BWAS-1714
Ship Class1694 Programme 90-GunnerBWAS-1714
Constructor Robert Lee (d.1698)BWAS-1714
CategorySecond RateBWAS-1714
Ship TypeShip of the Line BWAS-1714
Sailing RigShip RiggedBWAS-1714
Broken Up to Rebuild1750BWAS-1714
BecomesBritish Second Rate ship of the line 'Prince' (1750) (90)


DimensionMeasurementTypeMetric EquivalentBWAS-1714
Length of Gundeck160' 1"Imperial Feet48.7684 
Length of Keel131' 0"Imperial Feet39.9288 
Breadth46' 1 ½"Imperial Feet14.0335 
Depth in Hold18' 3"Imperial Feet5.4959 
Burthen1,482 4494Tons BM 


1698Broadside Weight = 724 Imperial Pound ( 328.3349 kg)BWAS-1603
Gun Deck22 British Demi-Cannon
Gun Deck30 British Culverin
Gun Deck36 British Saker
Gun Deck2 British 3-Pounder

1703Broadside Weight = 860 Imperial Pound ( 390.01 kg)BWAS-1714
Lower Gun Deck26 British 32-Pounder
Middle Gun Deck26 British 18-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck26 British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck12 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle4 British 6-Pounder
Roundhouse2 British 6-Pounder

Crew Complement

Date# of MenNotesSource

13 Ship Commanders

6.3.1700/1 - 5.6.1701Captain William Bokenham (d.1702) ADM 6/6/69ADM 6/66.6.1701 - 12.1.1701/2Second Captain John Fletcher (d.1704/5) Transfered ADM 6/6/102BWAS-17146.2.1701/2 - 11.6.1702Captain John Graydon (c.1666-1725/26) ADM 6/7/7ADM 6/719.6.1702 - 7.9.1702Second Captain Richard Hughes (1670-1756) Transfered ADM 6/7/62
Confirmed 25.11.1702
7.9.1702 - 3.1.1702/3Second Captain John Underdown (d.1728) Transfered ADM 6/7/62
Confirmed 11.11.1702
ADM 6/7
27.1.1702/3 - 18.3.1702/3Second Captain William Scalley (d.1703) Transfered ADM 6/7/83ADM 6/719.3.1702/3 - 13.3.1703/4CaptainSir James Stewart (d.1704/5) ADM 6/7/108BWAS-171413.12.1704 - 12.10.1705CaptainSir Richard Edwards ADM 6/8/118BWAS-171419.12.1705 - 30.9.1706CaptainSir Richard Edwards ADM 6/8/210ADM 6/820.1.1707/8 - 14.9.1708Second Captain Bartholomew Candler (d.1722) Transfered ADM 6/9/126BWAS-171422.12.1708 - 4.9.1709Captain John Hubbard (d.1723) ADM 6/10/17BWAS-171427.1.1710/11 - 18.7.1711Captain Robert Kirktown (d.1718) ADM 6/11/99ADM 6/1114.9.1745 - 1745Captain Edward Spragge (d.1757) ADM 6/16/544ADM 6/16

4 Flag Officers

2.1702 - 11.1702Admiral of the BlueSir George Rooke (1650-1708/9)BWAS-171411.1702 - 12.1702Rear-Admiral John Graydon (c.1666-1725/26)BWAS-17143.1702/3 - 13.3.1703/4Admiral of the BlueSir Cloudisley Shovell (1650-1707) ADM 107/3/27BWAS-17141.1708 - 4.9.1709Rear-AdmiralSir John Jennings (1664-1743) ADM 107/3/69BWAS-1714

49 Commissioned Officers

7.3.1700/1 - 18.1.1701/2First Lieutenant Robert Bokenham (d.1708) ADM 6/6/70ADM 6/67.3.1700/1 - 16.1.1701/2Second Lieutenant Richard Hughes (1670-1756) Transfered ADM 6/6/70ADM 6/67.3.1700/1 - 15.1.1701/2Third Lieutenant Edward Rainey (1670-1703) Transfered ADM 6/6/70ADM 6/67.3.1700/1 - 15.1.1701/2Acting Fourth Lieutenant Charles Fotherby (d.1720) ADM 6/6/70ADM 6/66.6.1701 - 30.12.1701Fifth Lieutenant Philip Stanhope (d.1708) Transfered ADM 6/6/102ADM 6/617.1.1701/2 - 11.8.1702Second Lieutenant Christopher Allenby ADM 6/6/134ADM 6/619.1.1701/2 - 13.12.1702First Lieutenant John Sapsford ADM 6/6/135ADM 6/621.1.1701/2 - 28.12.1702Third Lieutenant David Taverner Transfered ADM 6/6/138ADM 6/621.1.1701/2 - 24.1.1702/3Acting Fourth Lieutenant Edmund Hooke (c.1681-1744/45) ADM 6/6/138ADM 6/626.1.1701/2 - 24.1.1702/3Fifth Lieutenant William Simmond ADM 6/6/140ADM 6/614.12.1702 - 24.1.1702/3First Lieutenant John Sapsford ADM 6/7/66ADM 6/725.1.1702/3 - 23.3.1702/3First Lieutenant Walter Massy Transfered ADM 6/7/82ADM 6/725.1.1702/3 - 25.2.1702/3Second Lieutenant John Stephens (c.1664-1731) Transfered ADM 6/7/82ADM 6/725.1.1702/3 - 8.6.1703Acting Fourth Lieutenant Sampson Bourne (c.1679-1719) ADM 6/7/82ADM 6/725.1.1702/3 - 1.3.1702/3Fifth Lieutenant Edmund Hooke (c.1681-1744/45) ADM 6/7/82ADM 6/72.3.1702/3 - 23.3.1702/3Fifth Lieutenant William Davenport (d.1707) Transfered ADM 6/7/97ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 26.9.1703First Lieutenant Thomas Kempthorne (d.1736) ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 13.3.1703/4Second Lieutenant Charles Parsons (d.1705/6) ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 19.1.1703/4Third Lieutenant Thomas Cooke Transfered ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 27.2.1703/4Acting Fourth Lieutenant Daniel Butler ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/724.3.1702/3 - 29.10.1703Fifth Lieutenant Francis Percy (c.1676-1740/41) ADM 6/7/113ADM 6/730.10.1703 - 15.2.1703/4Fifth Lieutenant William Paine ADM 6/8/43
Confirmed 17.1.1703/4
ADM 6/8
13.12.1704 - 12.10.1705First Lieutenant George Squire ADM 6/8/118ADM 6/813.12.1704 - 12.10.1705Second Lieutenant Justinian Miller ADM 6/8/119ADM 6/820.12.1704 - 12.3.1704/5Acting Fourth Lieutenant William Fearnly ADM 6/8/125ADM 6/821.12.1704 - 12.10.1705Third Lieutenant Thomas Smart (d.1722) ADM 6/8/125ADM 6/824.12.1704 - 12.10.1705Fifth Lieutenant Ezekiel Wright (d.1736) ADM 6/8/126ADM 6/813.3.1704/5 - 12.10.1705Acting Fourth Lieutenant Walter Fredenham ADM 6/8/167ADM 6/819.12.1705 - 10.10.1706First Lieutenant George Squire ADM 6/8/210ADM 6/819.12.1705 - 30.9.1706Second Lieutenant Justinian Miller ADM 6/8/210ADM 6/819.12.1705 - 10.10.1706Third Lieutenant Thomas Smart (d.1722) ADM 6/8/210ADM 6/819.12.1705 - 10.10.1706Acting Fourth Lieutenant Ezekiel Wright (d.1736) ADM 6/8/210ADM 6/88.1.1705/6 - 10.10.1706Fifth Lieutenant Thomas Rue ADM 6/8/217ADM 6/819.1.1707/8 - 14.9.1708First Lieutenant Arthur Delgarno (d.1731) Transfered ADM 6/9/123ADM 6/919.1.1707/8 - 14.9.1708Second Lieutenant Robert Chadwick (c.1675-1719) Transfered ADM 6/9/123ADM 6/919.1.1707/8 - 27.12.1708Third Lieutenant Henry Lawson (d.bef.1734) ADM 6/9/123ADM 6/919.1.1707/8 - 14.9.1708Acting Fourth Lieutenant Vincent Pearce (c.1679-1745) Transfered ADM 6/9/123ADM 6/919.1.1707/8 - 24.6.1708Fifth Lieutenant Jedediah Barker ADM 6/9/123ADM 6/925.6.1708 - 14.9.1708Fifth Lieutenant Humphrey Owen Transfered ADM 6/9/173ADM 6/928.12.1708 - 30.9.1709First Lieutenant Robert Harward ADM 6/10/18ADM 6/1028.12.1708 - 30.9.1709Second Lieutenant Edward Vaughan ADM 6/10/19ADM 6/1028.12.1708 - 30.9.1709Third Lieutenant John Bilton (c.1688-?) ADM 6/10/19ADM 6/1028.12.1708 - 20.9.1709Acting Fourth Lieutenant Joseph Peach ADM 6/10/19ADM 6/1028.12.1708 - 30.9.1709Fifth Lieutenant George St Loe ADM 6/10/19ADM 6/102.2.1710/11 - 8.8.1711First Lieutenant Alexander Stewart ADM 6/11/103ADM 6/112.2.1710/11 - 8.8.1711Second Lieutenant Richard Else ADM 6/11/103ADM 6/112.2.1710/11 - 8.8.1711Third Lieutenant Joshua Paine (c.1681-1748) ADM 6/11/103ADM 6/112.2.1710/11 - 9.2.1710/11Acting Fourth Lieutenant Thomas Rue Transfered ADM 6/11/103ADM 6/112.2.1710/11 - 8.8.1711Fifth Lieutenant Thomas Langstaffe (d.1742) ADM 6/11/103ADM 6/11

2 Warrant Officers

21.2.1698/99 - 1699Purser Jonathon ShalesADM/A1746 - 10.8.1746Purser John Rule Transfered ADM 6/17/140ADM 6/17

1 Petty Officer

13.12.1708 - 12.8.1709Midshipman Thomas Jolley (d.1741) Transfered ADM 107/2/264ADM 107/2

Service History

1702With Rookes fleet at CadizBWAS-1714
19.10.1702Sailed for England
12.1702Paid offBWAS-1714
3.1703/4Paid OffBWAS-1714
9.1706Paid OffBWAS-1714
1.1708Recommissioned for Byng's fleet in the ChannelBWAS-1714
9.1709Paid off at PortsmouthBWAS-1714
3.1710/11Recommissioned for the ChannelBWAS-1714

Paid off

ADM 33
27.8.1714Renamed PrinceBWAS-1714
7.1716Began large repair at Chatham - Kent BWAS-1603
3.1717/18Completed large repair at Chatham - Kent at a cost of £20266.13.11dBWAS-1603
19.9.1738Started break up at ChathamBWAS-1714
27.10.1738Order to be broken up by the Admiralty
12.1738Completed break up.BWAS-1714


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