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Portugal Militar

Coderef:1395Source TypeBookAuthorsCarlos SelvagemLanguagePortuguesePublisherImprensa Nacional, 1931Full Description

It is a compendium of military and naval history, and is organized by historical periods.

1st Period - Creation of Count Portucalense

2nd Period - Formation of the Kingdom of Portugal (1143-1279)

3rd Period - Consolidation and Defense of Independence (1270-1411)

4th Period - Overseas Discoveries and Achievements (1415-1498)

5th Period - Discoveries and Achievements in Asia, Africa and America (1500-1580)

7th Period - Decline of the Portuguese Overseas Empire (1581-1640)

8th Period - Restoration Campaigns (1641-1668)

9th Period - Military Campaigns and Reforms in the 18th Century (1704-1801)

10th Period - French Invasions and Peninsular War (1807-1820)

11th Period - Freedom Campaigns (1820-1834)

12th Period - Political-Military Struggles, Military Reforms (1834-1870)

13th Period - Colonial Campaigns (1866-1910)