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ref:5911295: The Year of the Galleys (Lecture Transcript)Dr Ian FrielWeb Site
ref:13191759 The Year Britain became Master of the WorldFrank McLynnBook
ref:11341770 Çeşme Deniz SavaşıOğuz Aydemir and Ali Rıza İşipekBook
ref:83218 Yüzyılda Kalyon Teknolojisi ve Osmanlı KalyonlarıMuharrem Sinan DereliBook
3DECKS3decks - Naval Sailing Warfare HistoryManu BlascoWeb Site
ref:639A Barge of Edward IIIAlan MooreDigital Book
ref:810A Chronological List of Captains of his Majesty's Royal Navy (1673-1784)Rear-Admiral John HardyDigital Book
ref:664A Chronological List of the Captains of the Royal Navy 1673-1783John HardyDigital Book
ref:1279A Companion to George WashingtonEdward G LengelBook
ref:1036A compleat history of the late war Vol I (1763)John EntickDigital Book
ref:1037A compleat history of the late war Vol II (1763)John EntickDigital Book
ref:945A Complete Digest of the Theory, Laws, and Practice of InsuranceJohn WeskettDigital Book
ref:1184A Comprehensive Catalogue of the Correspondence and Papers of James MonroeDaniel PrestonBook
ref:1183A Comprehensive Catalogue of the Correspondence and Papers of James Monroe Front CoverDanielBook
ref:1179A Dictionary of All Officers: Who Have Been Commissioned, Or Have Been Appointed or Served in the Ar Book
DB013A frigate of King GeorgeBrian ValeBook
ref:931A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain & IrelandJohn BurkeDigital Book
ref:893A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British EmpireJohn BurkeDigital Book
ref:969A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland, and John Burke, Sir Bernard BurkeDigital Book
BurkeA Genealogical and Heraldic Histoy of the Commoners of Great Britain and IrelandJohn BurkeDigital Book
ref:1260A Genealogical Memoir of the House of Drummond Digital Book
B171A genealogical Sketch of the First Three Generations of Prebles in AmericaGeorge Henry PrebleBook
ref:1212A General Register of the Navy and Marine Corps of the United States Book
ref:1294A Historical Collection, of the Part Sustained by Connecticut During the War of the RevolutionRoy R hinmanBook
HAPA History of American PrivateersEdgar Stanton MaclayBook
ref:1259A History of Goat Island Book
ref:1239A history of Malta during the period of the French and British occupations, 1798-1815 Book
ref:928A History of Russian and Soviet Sea PowerDonald W. MitchellBook
ref:1186A History of the Royal Navy - The Seven Years WarMartin RobsonBook
JF1800A Journal of the Forces which sailed form the Downs, April 1800Aeneas AndersonWeb Site
DB016A Life of Richard BadileyThomas Alfred SpaldingDigital Book
ref:1257A List of Rhode Island soldiers & sailors in the old French & Indian war, 1755-1762Howard M ChapinBook
001A List of the Flag and Other Commissioned Officers (1831)The Admiralty OfficeDigital Book
ref:981A List of the Masters, Medical Officers and Pursers of His Majesty's Fleet Book
ref:838A List of the Officers of the Army and Royal Marines on Full, Retired and Half-Pay Digital Book
ref:1285A List of the Officers of the Militia of the United Kingdom. 1st August, 1809 Digital Book
ref:1330A Maritime History of the Port of Whitby, 1700-1914Stephanie Karen JonesThesis
ref:924A Narrative of the Proceedings of His Majesty's Fleet under the Command of Earl HoweA C de PoggiBook
ref:1251A National Calendar Vol 8 Book
NBD1849A Naval Biographical Dictionary 1849O'BrienDigital Book
B037A Naval History of the American RevolutionGardner Weld AllenDigital Book
ref:1035A New Naval HistoryJohn EntickDigital Book
ref:624A parcel of ribbons (18C Jamaica) Web Site
ref:925A Register of Ships, Employed in the Service of the HEIC, 1760-1819Charles HardyDigital Book
ref:653A Rotherhithe BlogAndie ByrnesWeb Site
ref:849A Social History of Midshipmen and Quarterdeck Boys in the Royal Navy, 1761-1831Samantha CavellThesis
ref:850A Social History of Midshipmen and Quarterdeck Boys in the Royal Navy, 1761-1831Samantha CavellThesis
ref:811Abraham Du Quesne et la marine de son tempsAugustin JalDigital Book
ref:812Abraham Du Quesne et la marine de son temps Tome 1 from 1610 to 1669Augustin JalDigital Book
ref:769Abraham Du Quesne et la marine de son temps Tome 2 from 1670 Augustin JalDigital Book
ref:1275Académie de Marine Web Site
ref:1167Acts of the 22 Congress of the U.S.. 1833 Digital Book
ref:774Adelsvapen Genealogi Wiki Web Site
ADM1ADM 1 Admiralty: Correspondence and PapersAuthorityBook
ref:896ADM 1/2 1711-1718 Letters from Admirals - Baltic, Sir John Norris Document
ref:897ADM 1/5261-5494 Courts Martial Document
ADM104ADM 104 Officers entitled to Half Pay Document
ADM 106ADM 106 1674-1832 Navy Board: Entry Book of Out Letters Document
ADM 106ADM 106 Navy Board Letters-In Document
ADM 107/1ADM 107/1 1691-1703 Lieutenants' passing certificates. Archive
ADM107/2ADM 107/2 1703-1712 Lieutenants' passing certificates. Archive
ADM107/3ADM 107/3 1712-1745 Lieutenants' passing certificates.  Archive
ADM 107/4ADM 107/4 1745-1757 Lieutenants' passing certificates. Archive
ADM 107/5ADM 107/5 1757-1762 Lieutenants' passing certificates. Archive
ADM 107/6ADM 107/6 1762-1777 Lieutenants' passing certificates. Archive
ref:864ADM 107/64-70 Navy Board: Lieutenants' records of examination Document
ref:869ADM 107/71-75 Navy Board: Lieutenants' certificates of service. Document
ref:884ADM 118 1717-1850 Admiralty: Officers Seniority Lists Document
ref:885ADM 118 1717-1850 Admiralty: Officers Seniority Lists Document
ADM 12/27BADM 12-27B - Royal Navy Black Book Vol I Archive
ADM 171/8ADM 171/8 Surviving officers and men entitled to clasps of the Naval GSM for actions from 1793 -1827British AdmiraltyDocument
ADM 181/1ADM 181/1 Navy Estimates 1708-1720 Archive
ADM 181/2ADM 181/2 Navy Estimates 1721-1730 Archive
ADM 181/3ADM 181/3 Navy Estimates 1731-1740 Archive
ADM 181/4ADM 181/4 Navy Estimates 1741-1750 Archive
ADM 181/5ADM 181/5 Navy Estimates 1751-1760 Archive
ADM 181/6ADM 181/6 Navy Estimates 1761-1770 Archive
ref:886ADM 196 1756-1966 Admiralty: Officers' Service Records (Series III) Document
ADM2ADM 2 Admiralty: Out-LettersAuthorityBook
ref:1003ADM 25/1 Officers' half pay 1693-1704  Archive
ref:1004ADM 25/2 1697-1699 Officers' half pay Archive
ref:1005ADM 25/3 1700 Officers' half pay Archive
ADM29-1ADM 29/1 1802-1814 Admiralty: Warrant Officers. Entry Books of Certificates of Service Document
ADM3ADM 3 Admiralty: MinutesAuthorityBook
ref:930ADM 32 1755- 1811 Ships' pay books Document
ADM33ADM 33 - Navy Board: Navy Pay Office: Ships' Pay Books (Series I) Archive
ADM33ADM 33 - Navy Board: Navy Pay Office: Ships' Pay Books (Series I) Archive
ref:543ADM 34 Treasurers Pay Books. Series II Document
ref:1042ADM 346 - Admiralty: Hydrographic Department: Ships' Remark Books. Archive
ADM 35ADM 35 Navy Board: Navy Pay Office: Ships' Pay Books (Series III) 1777-1832 Archive
ADM354ADM 354 - Navy Board: Bound Out-letters 1738-1809 Document
ref:967ADM 359 - Navy Board: Unbound Out-letters Archive
ref:876ADM 36 Admiralty: Royal Navy Ships' Musters (Series I) Document
ADM 36ADM 36 Royal Navy Ships' Musters (Series I) 1688-1808 Document
ref:1269ADM 36/4799 Muster Book Achilles 1756/12-1757/7 Archive
ref:1270ADM 36/4801 Muster Book Achilles 1757/4/23-1759/4/30 Archive
ref:878ADM 37 1757-1842 Admiralty: Ships' Musters (Series II) Document
ref:879ADM 38 1793-1878 Admiralty: Ships' Musters (Series III) Document
ref:880ADM 38 1793-1878 Admiralty: Ships' Musters (Series III) Document
ref:881ADM 39 1667-1798 Admiralty: Ships' Musters (Series IV) Document
ADM4ADM 4 Admiralty: Letters Patent, Lord High Admiral and Lords of AdmiraltyAuthorityBook
ref:882ADM 41 1794-1815 Admiralty: Hired Armed Vessels, Ships' Musters Document
ref:883ADM 41 1794-1815 Admiralty: Hired Armed Vessels, Ships' Musters Document
ref:1039ADM 45 1830-1860 Navy Board, and Admiralty, Accountant General's Department Archive
ADM5ADM 5 Admiralty and predecessors: Letters Patent, Navy Board, Transport Board &tc.AuthorityBook
ref:875ADM 50 1702-1916 Admiralty: Admirals' Journals Document
ADM 51ADM 51 1669-1853 Admiralty: Captains' Logs Archive
ref:871ADM 52 1672-1840 Admiralty: Masters' Logs Document
ref:872ADM 53 1799-1998 Admiralty, and Ministry of Defence, Navy Department: Ships' Logs Document
ref:873ADM 54 1808-1871 Admiralty: Supplementary Ships' Logs Document
ref:874ADM 55 1757-1861; 1904 Admiralty: Supplementary Logs and Journals of Ships on Exploration Document
ADM6ADM 6 Admiralty:Service Records, Registers, Returns and CertificatesAuthorityArchive
ref:1271ADM 6-332 Minutes of the Commissioners of the Charity for the Relief of Officers' Widows Archive
ADM6/1ADM 6/1 Alphabetical register of applications from Sea and Naval Officers 1842-1858  Archive
ADM 6/10ADM 6/10 Commission and Warrent Book 1708 Dec.-1709 2 Nov. Archive
ADM 6/11ADM 6/11 Commission and Warrent Book 1709 10 Nov.-1714 13 Oct. Archive
ADM 6/12ADM 6/12 Commission and Warrent Book 1714 14 Oct.-1721 Jan. Archive
ADM 6/13ADM 6/13 Commission and Warrent Book 1721 Feb.-1728 3 Oct. Archive
ADM 6/14ADM 6/14 Commission and Warrant Book 1728 4 Oct.-1735 23 Dec. Archive
ADM 6/15ADM 6/15 Commission and Warrant Book 1735 26 Dec.-1742 4 Jan. Archive
ADM 6/16ADM 6/16 Commission and Warrent Book 1742 Jan 4 - 1745 Sept 18 Archive
ADM 6/17ADM 6/17 Commission and Warrant Book 1745 18 Sep.-1751 Apr.  Archive
ADM 6/18ADM 6/18 Commission and Warrant Book 1751 May-1758 Oct.  Archive
ADM 6/19ADM 6/19 Commission and Warrant Book 1758 Nov.-1763 Archive
ref:995ADM 6/2 Register of applications from Sea and Naval Officers 1844-1850 Archive
ADM 6/20ADM 6/20 Commission and Warrant Book 1764-1773 Archive
ADM 6/21ADM 6/21 Commission and Warrant Book 1774 Jan.-1779 June  Archive
ADM 6/22ADM 6/22 Commission and Warrant Book 1779 July-1782 Archive
ADM 6/23ADM 6/23 Commission and Warrant Book 1783-1789 Aug.  Archive
ADM 6/24ADM 6/24 Commission and Warrant Book 1789 Sep.-1793  Archive
ref:989ADM 6/25 Commission and Warrant Book 1794-1796 Apr.  Archive
ref:990ADM 6/26 Commission and Warrant Book 1796 May-1798 Archive
ref:991ADM 6/27 Commission and Warrant Book 1799-1801 July  Archive
ref:992ADM 6/28 Commission and Warrant Book 1801 Aug.-1804 Oct.  Archive
ref:993ADM 6/29 Commission and Warrant Book 1804 Nov.-1807 15 June  Archive
ADM 6/3ADM 6/3 Commission and Warrant Book 1694/5 Jan.-1696 25 May Archive
ref:994ADM 6/30 Commission and Warrant Book 1807 16 June-1810 Mar.  Archive
ADM 6/323ADM 6/323 1809-1812 Register of officers' widows & orphans applying to the Compassionate Fund Archive
ADM 6/335ADM 6/335 1797 Applicants to the Charity for the relief of Officers' Widows Archive
ADM 6/337ADM 6/337 1779 Applicants to the Charity for the relief of Officers' Widows Archive
ADM 6/337ADM 6/337 1799 Applicants to the Charity for the relief of Officers' Widows Archive
ADM 6/338ADM 6/338 1801 Applicants to the Charity for the relief of Officers' Widows Archive
ADM 6/339ADM 6/339 1802 Applicants to the Charity for the relief of Officers' Widows Archive
ADM 6/345ADM 6/345 1808 Applicants to the Charity for the relief of Officers' Widows Archive
ref:1316ADM 6/347 1810 Applicants to the Charity for the relief of Officers' Widows Archive
ADM 6/348ADM 6/348 1811 Applicants to the Charity for the relief of Officers' Widows Archive
ADM 6/4ADM 6/4 Commission and Warrent Book 1696 25 May-1698 20 Jan. Archive
ADM 6/5ADM 6/5 Commission and Warrent Book 1698 28 Jan.-1699 1 June Archive
ref:958ADM 6/5 Commission and Warrent Book 1698 28 Jan.-1699 1 June Archive
ref:959ADM 6/5 Commission and Warrent Book 1698 28 Jan.-1699 1 June Archive
ADM 6/55ADM 6/55 List of officers commissioned for hired cutters and tenders signal stations and Sea Fencibl Archive
ADM 6/6ADM 6/6 Commission and Warrent Book 1699 2 June-1702 26 Jan Archive
ADM 6/61ADM 6/61 Original commissions to Captains and Warrants - 1742-1768  Archive
ADM 6/62ADM 6/62 Original commissions to Lieutenants 1742-1768 Archive
ADM 6/7ADM 6/7 Commission and Warrent Book 1702 28 Jan.-1703 6 July Archive
ADM 6/8ADM 6/8 Commission and Warrent Book 1703 6 July-1706 3 July Archive
ADM 6/86ADM 6/86 Lieutenants' Passing Certificates 1744-1747 Archive
ADM 6/87ADM 6/87 Lieutenants' Passing Certificates 1753-1776 Archive
ADM 6/9ADM 6/9 Commission and Warrent Book 1706 9 July-1708 Oct. Archive
ADM7ADM 7 Admiralty: Miscellanea (1563-1956)AuthorityBook
ref:1034ADM 7/810 - 7/822 Salary and Pension Books 1698-1832 Archive
ref:1001ADM 73 Royal Greenwich Hospital: Pensioners and School Admission Papers, Out Pensions Pay Books  Document
ADM8-DBADM 8 Database ProjectSamuel McLeanArchive
ADM 8/26ADM 8-26 Disposition of Ships 1748-1749 Archive
ADM8ADM 8/1-174 Admiralty: List BooksAuthorityDocument
ADM9ADM 9 Survey Returns of Officers' Services - 1817-1848  Archive
ADM/AADM/A - Navy Board, In-Letters And Orders Archive
ref:554ADM/L - Navy Board, Lieutenants' LogsAuthorityDocument
ACAdmiral Collingwood - Nelson's own heroMax AdamsBook
ref:764Admiral Edward RussellDavid WestBook
B178Admiral HawkeRuddock F MackayBook
ref:562Admirals of the World: A Biographical Dictionary, 1500 to the PresentWilliam StewartBook
ref:997African Kalendar for MDCCCIIH H SmithBook
W041Age of Nelson WebsitePatrick MarionéWeb Site
ref:1021Algiers voyage in a iournall or briefe reportary of all occurrents hapning in the fleet of ships senJohn ButtonDigital Book
ref:735All the Voyages Round the WorldJohn GaltDigital Book
ref:1317All Things Georgian Web Site
ref:1079Alumni carthusiani; a record of the foundation scholars of Charterhouse, 1614-1872Bower MarshBook
B165American Heavy Frigates 1794-1826Mark LardasBook
ref:754American Honor: The Story of Admiral Charles StewartThomas WilliamsBook
ref:462American maritime units and vesselsGranville HoughBook
ARWOAmerican Web Site
W026American Ships of the LineAndrew ToppanWeb Site
ref:1146American State Papers Vol 1 Book
ref:1180American State Papers Vol 6 Part 3 Book
ref:1298American vessels captured by the British during the revolution and war of 1812; the records of the V Book
W027American War of Independence at SeaKen KellowWeb Site
ref:694Amiraux , Capitaines et corsaires de BelgiqueRevue Neptunus Web Site
ref:1031An historical account of the Royal Hospital for Seamen at GreenwichJohn Cooke and John MauleDigital Book
ref:1161An Illustrated History of the Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaWilliam H EgleBook Family History
ref:1159Angliæ Notitia: Or the Present State of EnglandEdward ChamberlayneBook
W014Anglo-Dutch Wars BLOGJames C BenderWeb Site
ref:629Annales maritimes et colonialesFrance. Ministère de la marine et des coloniesBook
ref:1182Annals of the American Pulpit: BaptistWilliam Buell SpragueBook
ref:900Annual Army List 1857 Digital Book
ref:690Archives départementales du Finistère : Etat de la Marine et Listes Corsaires au 01/01/1757Administration Web Site
ref:1010Archives départementales du Finistère : List Archives départementales antérieure à 1790Administration Document
ref:837Archives départementales en ligne - ( links to all french Speaking Countries)  Web Site
ref:919Archivio di Stato di Cagliari Document
S002Archivo General de Indias Book
AGMABArchivo General de Marina Alvaro BazanVariousDigital Book
S001Archivo General de Simancas Book
W061Arlington National Cemetery Website Web Site
ref:748Armada 1500-1900Vicente Sanchez-C:MerchánWeb Site
B061Armada Española desde la union de los reinos de Castilla y AragonCesareo Fdez. DuroBook
ref:612Armada Nacional del Uruguay Web Site
ref:1125Army and Navy Chronicle vol 1-3 Book
ref:753Asian Military? Web Site
ref:544ASVe AC - Archivio di Stato Venezia - Ambasciatori CostantinopoliAuthorityDocument
ref:527ASVe PA - Archivio di Stato, Venezia - Provveditori all'ArmarAuthorityDocument
ref:526ASVe PPA Archivio di stato, Venezia - Provveditori e Patroni ArsenalAuthorityDocument
ref:528ASVe PTM - Archivio di Stato, Venezia - Provveditori da Terra e da MarAuthorityDocument
ref:523ASVe SA - Archivio di Stato, Venezia - Senato, ArsenalAuthorityDocument
ref:524ASVe SM - Archivio di Stato, Venezia - Senato, MarAuthorityDocument
ref:545ASVe SR Archivio di Stato, Venezia - Senato Rettori Book
ref:559Australlian RoyaltyMarion PurnellWeb Site
ref:953Aylmer, a guide to the name Web Site
ref:1149Baronet Mordaunts and Family Web Site
ref:692Base de donnés sur les capitaines corsaires , les navires et les armateursJJ SaleinWeb Site
BNF1Batailles Navales de la France - Vol IO TroudeDigital Book
BNF2Batailles Navales de la France - Vol IIO TroudeDigital Book
BNF3Batailles Navales de la France - Vol IIIO TroudeDigital Book
BNF4Batailles Navales de la France - Vol IVO TroudeDigital Book
BHRNBattle Honours of the Royal NavyBen WarlowBook
B103Battles of the British Navy Vol IJoseph AllenDigital Book
ref:865Battles of the British Navy Vol IIJoseph AllenDigital Book
ref:1328Berwick's Maritime Heritage Web Site
B071Beverly Privateers in the American RevolutionOctavius Thondyke HoweDigital Book
ref:546Biblioteca Querini Stampalia, VeneziaAuthorityDocument
B161Billy Ruffian (The Bellerophon and the downfall of Napoleon)David CordinglyBook
ref:773Biografica: flottan - en matrikel över flottans officerare 1687-1721.Bengt NilssonWeb Site
BSOBiografica: Swedish officers from 1687 to 1721.Bengt NilssonWeb Site
ref:569Biografisch Portaal van Nederland Web Site
BPvNBiografisch Portaal van Nederland Web Site
B051Biographia Navalis - Volume IJohn CharnockDigital Book
B051Biographia Navalis - Volume IIJohn CharnockDigital Book
B051Biographia Navalis - Volume IIIJohn CharnockDigital Book
B051Biographia Navalis - Volume IVJohn CharnockDigital Book
B051Biographia Navalis - Volume VJohn CharnockDigital Book
B051Biographia Navalis - Volume VIJohn CharnockDigital Book
ref:1029Biographical Dictionary of the History of Technologyedited by Lance Day, Ian McNeilDigital Book
ref:1196Biographical Directory of the United States Congress Web Site
ref:630Biographie des célébrités militaires des armées de terre et de mer de 1789 à 1850Charles MulliéDigital Book
F001Biographie maritimeJoseph François Gabriel HennequinDigital Book
ref:576Biographisch WoordenboekVan der AaDigital Book
ref:1240Bitwa pod Oliwą (Battle of Oliwa)E. KoczorowskiBook
BWM3Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine Vol 3 Digital Book
ref:525BMC, Biblioteca del Museo Correr, VeneziaAnonymousDocument
ref:1228Boston Evening Post Newspaper
ref:723BougainvilleDominique LebrunBook
ref:839Boys at Sea: Sodomy, Indecency, and Courts Martial in Nelson's NavyB. BurgBook
BENBOWBravebenbow - The Life of Admiral John BenbowB P BenbowWeb Site
ref:654British and Foreign State Papers Book
ref:824British and Foreign State Papers 1832-1833British Foreign OfficeDigital Book
W030British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and ProtectorateUnknownWeb Site
ref:655British History Online Web Site
ref:843British Naval Captains of the Seven Years' War: The View from the QuarterdeckA. B. McLeodBook
ref:738British Naval History Web Site
ref:1016British Postal Service Appointment Books, 1737-1969 Archive
B033British Sailing WarshipsJ J ColledgeBook
ref:1267British Ships for the King of SpainDr. Catherine ScheybelerDigital Book
W038British Warship Losses in Danish-Norwegian WatersEric NielsenWeb Site
BWAS-1603British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714Rif WinfieldBook
BWAS-1714British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792Rif WinfieldBook
BWAS-1793British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793 - 1817Rif WinfieldBook
BWAS-1817British Warships in the Age of Sail 1817 - 1863Rif WinfieldBook
BSJBulletin - Société Jersiaise Digital Book
BURKESBurke's Peerage, 2001Peter Beauclerk DewarBook
ref:665BurslemJames BurslemFamily History Family History
CALCaldwell family papers Digital Book
CHOP1760Calendar of Home Office Papers (George III): 1760-5Joseph Redington (editor)Document
ref:921Calendar of N.Y. Colonial Manuscripts, Indorsed Land Papers 1643-1803 Book
B093Calendar of State Papers (Colonial, America and West Indies)W. Noel Sainsbury and J.W. Fortescue (editors)Document
B094Calendar of State Papers (Domestic)OfficialBook
SPD-C2Calendar of State Papers (Domestic: Charles II)AuthorityDigital Book
W036Calendar of State Papers (Domestic: Interregnum)Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1702-3Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Anne, 1702-3R. P. Mahaffy (editor)Book
SPD-1703-4Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Anne, 1703-4R. P. Mahaffy (editor)Book
ref:1000Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Anne, Oct. 1705- Feb 1706 Document
SPD-1625-6Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1625-26John Bruce (editor)Book
SPD-1629-3Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1629-31John Bruce (editor)Book
SPD-1631-3Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1631-3John Bruce (editor)Book
ref:1070Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1633-4 Book
ref:1069Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1634-4 Book
SPD-1635-6Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1634-5John Bruce (editor)Book
SPD-1635-6Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1635-6John Bruce (editor)Book
SPD-1636-7Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1636-7John Bruce (editor)Book
SPD-1637Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1637John Bruce (editor)Book
SPD-1641-3Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1641-3William Douglas Hamilton (editor)Book
SPD-1644-5Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1644-5William Douglas Hamilton (editor)Book
SPD-1645-7Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles I, 1645-7William Douglas Hamilton (editor)Book
SPD-1660-1Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1660-1Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1661-2Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1661-2Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1663-4Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1663-4Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1664-5Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1664-5Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1665-6Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1665-6Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1666-7Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1666-7Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
ref:948Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1667-8 Book
ref:828Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Elizabeth, Addenda 1566-79Mary Ann Everett Green (editor)Digital Book
SPD-1649Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1649-50Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1650Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1650Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1651Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1651Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1651-2Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1651-2Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1652-3Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1652-3Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1653-4Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1653-4Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1654Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1654Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1655Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1655-6Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1655-6Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1656-7Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1656-7Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1657-8Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1657-8Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1658-9Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1658-9Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1659Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Interregnum, 1659-60Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1623-5Calendar of State Papers Domestic: James I, 1623-25Mary Anne Everett Green (editor)Book
SPD-1689-0Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1689-90William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1690-1Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1690-1William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1691-2Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1691-2William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1693Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1693William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1694-5Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1694-5William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1695Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William and Mary, 1695William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1696Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1696William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1697Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1697William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1698Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1698William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1699Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1699-1700William John Hardy (editor)Book
SPD-1700-2Calendar of State Papers Domestic: William III, 1700-2William John Hardy (editor)Book
ref:587Calendar of State Papers, Spain (Simancas), Volume 4, 1587-1603AuthorityWeb Site
ref:588Calendar of State Papers, Spain (Simancas), Volume 4, 1587-1603AuthorityWeb Site
CTB-01Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 01, 1660-1667 Digital Book
CTB-02Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 02, 1667-1668 Digital Book
CTB-03Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 03, 1669-1672 Digital Book
CTB-04Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 04, 1672-1675 Digital Book
CTB-05Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 05, 1676-1679 Digital Book
CTB-06Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 06, 1679-1680 Digital Book
CTB-07Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 07, 1681-1685 Digital Book
CBT-08Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 08, 1685-1689 Digital Book
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B056-4Lives of the British Admirals Vol IVJohn CampbellDigital Book
B056-5Lives of the British Admirals Vol VJohn CampbellDigital Book
B056-6Lives of the British Admirals Vol VIJohn CampbellDigital Book
B056-7Lives of the British Admirals Vol VIIJohn CampbellDigital Book
B056-8Lives of the British Admirals Vol VIIIJohn CampbellDigital Book
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B024Memorials of the Life and Times of Sir William Penn - Vol IIGranville PennDigital Book
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B002Modelos de Arsenal del Museo NavalJ.Igancio Gonzalez-AllerBook
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ref:676More than Nelson Web Site
MCodexMorosini CodexAntonio MorosiniBook
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MUTMutiny: A History of Naval InsurrectionLeonard F. GuttridgeDigital Book
ref:951My Heritage Family History
NORGNapoleon .ORG Web Site
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ref:1315National Library of Scotland Web Site
ref:1139National Maritime Museum Ship Plans Archive
NMMWHNational Maritime Museum Warship Histories (on Original gone) Web Site
NMMNational Maritime Museum Website Web Site
ref:1264National Portrait Gallery Web Site
ref:860National Probate Calendar, England and Wales Book
ref:1288National Records of Scotland Web Site
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NDARIIINaval Documents of the American Revolution Vol IIIWilliam Bell Clark, EditorDigital Book
NDARIVNaval Documents of the American Revolution Vol IVWilliam Bell Clark, EditorDigital Book
NDARIXNaval Documents of the American Revolution Vol IXWilliam Bell Clark, EditorDigital Book
NDARVNaval Documents of the American Revolution Vol VWilliam Bell Clark, EditorDigital Book
NDARVINaval Documents of the American Revolution Vol VIWilliam Bell Clark, EditorDigital Book
NDARVIINaval Documents of the American Revolution Vol VIIWilliam Bell Clark, EditorDigital Book
NDARVIIINaval Documents of the American Revolution Vol VIIIWilliam Bell Clark, EditorDigital Book
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NDARXINaval Documents of the American Revolution Vol XIWilliam Bell Clark, EditorDigital Book
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JAMES2Naval History of Great Britain Volume 2William JamesDigital Book
JAMES3Naval History of Great Britain Volume 3William JamesDigital Book
JAMES4Naval History of Great Britain Volume 4William JamesDigital Book
JAMES5Naval History of Great Britain Volume 5William JamesDigital Book
JAMES6Naval History of Great Britain Volume 6William JamesDigital Book
W005Naval History of Great Britain Volume 2 from 1793 to the accession of Georges IVWilliam JamesWeb Site
B020Naval Occurences of the war of 1812William JamesBook
NRARNaval Records of the American Revolution 1775-1788AuthorityDigital Book
NWFNaval Warfare Forum (The Premier Forum for the period)VariousWeb Site
B067Naval Warfare in the Age of SailBrian TunstallBook
W021Naval Wargaming BlogJim BenderWeb Site
NWBNaval wars in the Baltic during the Sailing Ship EpochR C AndersonBook
NWLNaval Wars in the Levant. 1559-1853R C AndersonBook
ref:697Navi da guerra costruite nell'arsenale di Venezia dal 1664 al 1896Cesare Augusto LeviDigital Book
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NBRNavy Board RecordsAdmiraltyBook
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NPINec Pluribus ImparUnknownWeb Site
NedSNederlandsche Staatscourant (Reported on Warships Research Blog)OfficialWeb Site
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ref:1337Nelson: A Dream of GloryJohn SugdenBook
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NNF-1610Nomenclature des Navires Français de 1610 à 1661Alain DemerliacBook
NNF-1661Nomenclature des Navires Français de 1661 à 1715Alain DemerliacBook
NNF-1715Nomenclature des Navires Français de 1715 à 1774Alain DemerliacBook
NNF-1774Nomenclature des Navires Français de 1774 à 1792Alain DemerliacBook
NNF-1792Nomenclature des Navires Français de 1792 à 1799Alain DemerliacBook
NNF-1800Nomenclature des Navires Français de 1800 A 1815Alain DemerliacBook
ref:1255North Carolina History Project Web Site
ref:1202North Carolina Standard Newspaper
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B131NRS Vol 026 - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval MSS in the Pepysian Library Vol IJ R Tanner ed.Book
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RNREG1731Regulations and Instructions relating to His Majesty's Service at Sea, 1731AdmiraltyDigital Book
RNREG1734Regulations and Instructions relating to His Majesty's Service at Sea, 1734AdmiraltyDigital Book
RNREG1757Regulations and Instructions relating to His Majesty's Service at Sea, 1757AdmiraltyDigital Book
RNREG1790Regulations and Instructions relating to His Majesty's Service at Sea, 1790AdmiraltyDigital Book
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RNB1823Royal Navy BiographyJohn MarshallDigital Book
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RNLL2017Royal Navy Loss ListMaritime Archaeology Sea TrustDocument
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SNForumSailing Navies (Forum) Web Site
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ref:729Search for Speed Under Sail Howard ChapelleBook
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SNL1799Steele's Navy List October 1799SteeleBook
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AFSThe Age of Fighting Sail, 1739-1815 (Website)Mark CambellBook
ANRSThe American Naval Records Society Web Site
WARWThe American Revolutionary War Web Site
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ref:1225The Boston=Gazette Newspaper
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B177The Corsairs of FranceCharles Boswell NormanBook
B177The Coursairs of FranceCharles Boswell NormanBook
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